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06.17.13Summer Reading: Serious Fun

summer reading success If you’re a parent of an early elementary student at the Success academies in New York, you apparently get an email version of this page when you enroll.  It’s suggested summer reading, which I think is a great idea–schools where the fact that everyone will go to college is understood usually assign summer reading as a matter of course… it’s you, the Scarlet Letter and a water bottle with your school logo… poolside all summer.

But what I like about this is how intentional it is- super positive (falling in love with reading), pushing parents to think about poetry, a genre they may not naturally expose their kids to, and to think about quality as much as quantity (message: the choice of books really matters).  

Here’s a school telling me–and showing me–that reading matters, right from the start.  The parent who showed me this got that message too–“We went out and got copies from the library that night,” she said.

What else are you doing with summer reading to maximize the benefit and the joy? to stretch readers to read challenging stuff? Or to build in accountability?

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