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Our mission is to dramatically improve teaching through the study of exceptional teachers. By sharing what we learn, we aim to help schools create classrooms that are radically better for children, especially in communities where systemic inequities and discrimination have left students with limited access to a high quality education.

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Rebecca Sloots: Building Ratio…and Great Writers in Queensland

  The newest clip in the TLAC library is one that’s really worth watching. It’s of Rebecca Sloots’ grade 4 class at Fernbrooke State School in Redbank Plains, Queensland, Australia. That makes it some of our very first classroom video from Australia. But more importantly it’s an outstanding example of how to build a high ratio…

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The Power of the ‘Roll Out Speech,’ Featuring Associate Professor of Medicine Rene Claxton

  Next week Erica Woolway, Sadie McCleary and I will be leading the first session in a remote workshop on teaching for medical educators. It’s our second time offering the workshop and we’ve found it really fun and fascinating to talk about how Wait Time and Everybody Writes and Cold Call can apply to–and accelerate learning…

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How Millfield School Socializes Positive Listening and Discussion Behaviors, School-Wide

  I recently had the pleasure of working with teachers at Millfield School in Somerset (England).  The topic was classroom discussions and how to make them more effective by 1) socializing students to listen better and 2) socializing them to talk to rather than past each other… to build off of and develop one another’s ideas…

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