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Our mission is to dramatically improve teaching through the study of exceptional teachers. By sharing what we learn, we aim to help schools create classrooms that are radically better for children, especially in communities where systemic inequities and discrimination have left students with limited access to a high quality education.

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Gabby Woolf’s Dr. Jekyll Lesson and the Power of Reading Fluency

My colleagues Erica Woolway, Sadie McCleary, Hannah Solomon and I have been working on the TLAC 3.0 Field Guide to support the new 3.0 Teach Like a Champion this fall. It’ll be out in a few months, but it’s a bit different from previous Field Guides in that it focuses on “keystone” videos–longer clips of 8…

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An Excerpt from Reconnect: Building School Culture for Meaning Purpose and Belonging

As many of you know I’ve got a new book out, co-written with Denarius Frazier, Hilary Lewis, and Darryl Williams.  It’s called Reconnect: Building School Culture for Meaning Purpose and Belonging and it’s a book about where we are now as schools and what to do about it. The theme, you could argue, is belonging: what…

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A Group of Cognitive Scientists and Teachers Go To A Wine Tasting And….

  It sounds like the first line of a joke: “A group of cognitive scientists go to a wine tasting…” but it actually happened. The punch line “and then they end up having a discussion about the role of knowledge in perception and learning” isn’t ideal from a humor POV but from a teaching POV it…

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Build students’ knowledge, writing skills, and love of books with our English curriculum.
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