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Our mission is to dramatically improve teaching through the study of exceptional teachers. By sharing what we learn, we aim to help schools create classrooms that are radically better for children, especially in communities where systemic inequities and discrimination have left students with limited access to a high quality education.

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A Quiet Presence Montage–And How To Find Out More

  “Quiet Presence” is the idea that going lower and slower with your voice is the best way to help students focus optimally, especially in those moments when their attention is just beginning to fray. In some ways that’s the opposite of what you might expect. It’s a common mistake in the early years of teaching…

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Alexander Lisman Checks for Understanding in his Visual Arts Class

  We’ve had quite a few requests lately for examples of Teach Like a Champion techniques in Arts classes so it’s my pleasure to share this clip of Eagle Ridge Academy (Brighton, Colorado) art teacher Alexander Lisman’s Checking for Understanding in which he uses Active Observation and intentional feedback. Let’s set the scene. Alexander’s students are…

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How Charlotte Pottinger Uses Retrieval Practice and Top Flight Means of Participation to Start Class

  In this post, I’m going to share a video of Charlotte Pottinger’s classroom at Rivers Primary Academy in Walsall. I’ve been looking forward to sharing it because it’s so lovely on so many levels. I’m going to call it a Retrieval Practice clip because that’s her main purpose–to start her Maths lesson by making sure…

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