Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

01.22.23 A Slightly Annotated Willingham on Science of Reading

  UVA cognitive psychologist Daniel Willingham and Barbara Davidson of Knowledge Matters were on the Melissa and Lori Love Literacy podcast a few days ago. About ten minutes into the discussion, Willingham gave a fantastic explanation of the role of background knowledge in reading comprehension. I transcribed the key sections below with a few notes of…

01.19.23 Daniel Buck on Embedding Nonfiction in Writing Tasks

    I’m reading Daniel Buck’s excellent “What is Wrong with Our Schools” and want to share an idea that’s really useful. In chapter 3, Buck discusses the power of supplemental texts in reading. This is something my colleagues and I refer to as ’embedded nonfiction.” Erica Woolway, Colleen Driggs and I have a chapter on…

01.10.23 On Happiness…and Happy Students

  Happiness is one of the most misunderstood of human emotions. My colleagues Denarius Frazier, Hilary Lewis & Darryl Williams and I write about this in Reconnect: Building School Culture for Meaning Purpose and Belonging. Many people define happiness as meaning roughly the same thing as “pleasure.” They assume students will be happy if they are…

12.14.22 The Double Gap: How Luke Gromer Uses Video to Develop Young Athletes

A few weeks ago Luke Gromer of Cutting Edge Coaching and I ran an online workshop for coaches on the topic of using video to develop athletes. The rationale for the session was that video is a powerful tool for building tactical and technical understanding and–through shared discussion–mutual understanding of principles across a group of athletes….