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11.11.20New: Our Webinar on Teaching Reading Online

Some of the literacy videos we’ll study…

As many of you know, our team has spent much of our time over the last several months poring through footage of teachers doing incredible work in their online classrooms, trying glean as much as we can about what leads to successful online instruction. Much of what we’ve learned we’ve shared in our current online webinars: Principles of Remote Instruction (our 101 workshop) and Dynamic and Engaging Synchronous Lessons (our 201 workshop).

Now, we are excited to announce the addition of an ELA-specific webinar to our offerings. As always it’s built around analysis of video of real teachers’ online lessons!

Topics will include:

  • Ways of Reading: how to leverage the benefits of three primary ways of reading online
  • Writing: how to make it meaningful and effective in an online classroom
  • Check for Understand: how to assess students’ ability to establish and analyze meaning

Our team’s goal in designing this webinar was to:

  • Share valuable techniques teachers can use online in pursuit of effective and rigorous literacy instruction
  • Study video of teachers applying them in real-world conditions
  • Demonstrate the techniques in the webinar, so participants can “live the learning” and bring the ideas back to their own classrooms and schools

While we hope to offer ideas that can be used or adapted in all grade levels, we think the content is most relevant for teachers and leaders of students in grades 3-12.

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