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Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

12.14.20 “Pasting the Chat” & Other Insights from Hassan Clayton’s Lesson

I’ve written a lot about using the chat in remote teaching on this blog and talked even more about it in our webinars and trainings. I wrote about Shelby Daley’s chat here. About Denise Karratti’s here. About Arianna Chopp’s here. and Eric Snider’s here. Today I get to share something my team and I loved from…

09.04.20 Reading Online with Stephanie Le

I wanted to share this great little video of Stephanie Le’s classroom at Libertas College Prep in Los Angeles. She does a good job of maintaining a dynamic pace to her lesson while keeping students engaged and on their toes through a variety of forms of participation. The video starts out with her reading aloud with…

08.13.20 Notes on Starting a Lesson (Online)

Last week I posted a really great clip of Denise Karratti, a middle school math teacher from Hawaii teaching her kiddos remotely back in May. Her procedures and routines and her culture were fantastic. Today I thought I’d take a more careful look at how she starts her lesson because it’s a really nice case study….