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08.01.14Postcard From Our Workshop: A Participant Poses a Question

tlac cover

That’s Bob Zimmerli in the blue shirt.

After day one of our Behavior and Culture workshop yesterday, a participant used our end-of-day survey to ask a question about Anonymous Individual Corrections.  He wanted to know if they had to be preceded by a What To Do direction or whether he could use them to correct for behaviors that were installed and instilled expectations.

It was a good question- insightful and reflective. But the very best thing about it was this: the person who asked was Bob Zimmerli.  Ironically we had watched a video Bob executing an Anonymous Individual Correction that very day.  In fact we learned much of what we know about Anonymous Individual Corrections from watching Bob’s classroom.  In fact we learned so many things from Bob that his picture, quite deliberately, is on the cover of Teach Like a Champion!

Think about that for a minute: How inspiring is it that Bob is still wrestling with the technique and trying to learn more about it-even though he is a true master? The most proficient person in the room was the one who was most actively thinking about how to use the tool better. It reminds me that If there’s one thing that differentiates a true champion it’s his or her passion for reflection and improvement, that people like Bob are great teachers because they are always trying to develop their craft. That process doesn’t stop because you’ve gotten better.

PS: The short version of the answer to Bob’s question is, I think: “Yes.”

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