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08.01.23Introducing the School Culture Curriculum (formerly the Dean of Students Curriculum)

Introducing the School Culture Curriculum

Our Dean of Students Curriculum is getting a new name: the School Culture Curriculum. This change reflects our commitment to empowering School Culture Leaders who play a vital role in building strong school communities. Whether you are a Principal, Assistant Principal, Dean of Students, Social Worker, Parent Advocate, you play a crucial role in shaping your schools’ culture.

Comprising of 72 student facing lessons, the School Culture Curriculum addresses common issues students face in school. It encourages students to reflect on challenging situations, comprehend the impact of their actions, and develop character through thoughtfully curated activities. From Peer Pressure to Social Media use, our curriculum equips middle school students with the tools to make positive choices.

The School Culture Curriculum serves as a powerful tool to:

  1. Help students reflect on challenging situations, analyze their actions, and learn replacement behaviors for counterproductive actions.
  2. Foster an understanding of how students’ actions impact both themselves and others.
  3. Proactively teach virtues and values to support character development among students.
  4. Cultivate critical thinking, writing skills, and character development through meticulously curated activities organized by topic.

Over the last three years we have gotten the feedback that there is a need for a curriculum at the high school level. We are currently in the process of piloting the high school curriculum with a number of schools around the country. Stay tuned for the official launch of our high school curriculum next year! 

To learn more about the School Culture Curriculum and how to bring it to your school, please visit our website: 

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