Analyze and Draft Cold Call Prompts

11.25.14Analyze and Draft Cold Call Prompts

In the forthcoming edition of Teach Like a Champion 2.0, Doug writes, “If I were working with a group of teachers and had to help them make the greatest possible improvements in the rigor, ratio, and level of expectations in their classroom with one technique, the technique I’d choose might well be Cold Call, the practice of calling on students regardless of whether they raise their hands.” When executed well, Cold Call enables teachers to check for understanding efficiently, drive pacing, create a culture of engaged accountability, and boost deeper thinking during the most rigorous tasks and questions.

To introduce you to the keys to executing Cold Call effectively, or to help you sharpen your existing skill with Cold Call, this month’s Grab and Go provides you prompts to analyze as well as the opportunity to apply the keys as you draft two Cold Call prompts for an upcoming lesson.

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