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09.20.22Combining Cold Call and Wait Time- A Video to Go with the Great illustration

My colleague Bradley Busch and his colleagues at Inner Drive recently posted this outstanding illustration of the way combining Cold Call with Wait Time and “timing the name”–that is, not identifying whom you are calling on until after the question is asked and students have had time to think–can boost the amount of student thinking. (Bradley’s illustration is based on another great visualization, originally by Luke Tayler).

This is important in several areas of questioning but it is–Bradley points out–especially effective when using retrieval practice.

Here’s that thoroughly excellent illustration:

The only way the illustration could be any better would be if there was a video to go with it. And well, that’s where I can help. So here’s a great video of the always outstanding Denarius Frazier using Cold call + Wait Time to make student retrieval practice especially effective.


Some things you’ll probably notice:

1) The warm inviting tone (and smile) Denarius uses to start the retrieval practice.

2) The Wait Time that ensures everyone things through the answer.

3) The Cold Call (Question. Pause. Name)

4) The Turn and Talk he uses when one student answers wrong to ensure that everyone practices that question–and to divert any negative attention from that student.

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