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06.10.20Announcing New Upgrades to our TLAC Online Training Modules

Five new modules…and check out the link at the bottom of the post to sample our new site architecture…

Our TLAC Online modules just moved to a new home and we think this represents a significant upgrade…at just the right time. 

As many of you know, we’ve been experimenting with how to bring our teacher training content to an online setting for several years —a lucky head start given the sudden urgency of online training in the COVID era.

That said, our work designing online training has been informed all along by a healthy skepticism. We’re only interested in putting training online if we’re sure it will really help teachers improve their craft, and we knew from the outset that would only happen if the modules were dynamic, practice-based and interactive.

Our first modules of TLAC Online, developed with colleagues from TogetherEd, were a pleasant surprise. We made them knowing we’d pull the plug if they didn’t measure up but we screened the final project and thought to our own surprise: Yeah, that will work.

Now we’re happy to offer an upgraded version, just when schools are clamoring for more and better online training materials.

So what’s in the upgrade?

First, we’ve just added 5 new modules on building strong Systems and Routines in classrooms. This brings TLAC Online to 31 modules covering 13 techniques. 

Each of the modules remains organized in 4 parts. Watching video, studying the details of the technique, trying it out via several rounds of practice, and then self-study—watching back your practice and/or sharing it with colleagues—at your discretion—for further feedback.  


The second major upgrade is our site architecture. With insight from first-generation users, we’ve changed the interface to an airy, streamlined, intuitive design that makes the time you spend studying the craft online even more enjoyable. 

We invite you to spend some time in our free “sample” module: Positive Cold Call. We are excited to hear what you think and how you use the modules in your schools and learning communities.

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