Phrases to Build Students’ Writing Stamina

08.21.14Phrases to Build Students’ Writing Stamina

Adding Everybody Writes to your lesson is one of the best ways to instantly boost rigor in your classroom. For students to reap the full rewards of this technique, they need to be writing the entire time. Your initial Everybody Writes might be one minute in length, and as students’ stamina builds, you’ll be able to lengthen the amount of writing time. Initially, some students may struggle to write the entire time. This month’s Grab and Go resource helps you anticipate common expressions of struggle – “I’m not sure what to write,” or “I’m already done,” for example– and equips you with phrases you can have at-the-ready to prompt students to continue writing. Find the ones that work for you, practice saying them so they will come out automatically when you need them, and get excited to see your students write more, for longer, and more thoughtfully.

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