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Category: Classroom snapshots

Word Wall in a HS Math Classroom
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Engineering Efficiency with Strong Start
Strong Start, one of the new techniques featured in Teach Like a Champion 2.0., maximizes the time between the moment students walk through the door and when the main lesson begins, building engagement in meaningful work as well as positive and productive student habits. For this month’s Grab and Go resource, we decided to take a photo from our Strong Start Plug and Play on this technique and put it under the microscope...
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Fostering a Culture of Error
Last April, the TLAC team visited California where we spent two days with Aspire Public Schools. We worked on creating a strong Culture of Error – a classroom environment that is strategically engineered to encourage students to take academic risks in order to uncover and correct misunderstandings. Michelle Flores sent us a picture of a bulletin board in her classroom that she uses to celebrate students who make and then learn from their mistakes. Thank you, Michelle and Aspire!
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