School Culture Curriculum

A curriculum written by school culture leaders to support character development.

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Video Introduction

School Culture Curriculum


The School Culture Curriculum was created to serve a variety of needs for deans, educators and leaders in pursuit of developing their students’ character in the face of challenging behaviors. Student lives and behaviors are unpredictable in many ways; however, the School Culture Curriculum strives to make the unpredictable as predictable as possible by exploring common issues that students may face in school and supporting educators by providing resources to help them address those behaviors through teaching.

The School Culture Curriculum can be used to:


  • Help students reflect on challenging situations, their actions, and learn replacement behaviors for counterproductive actions.
  • Help students understand how their actions impact themselves and others.
  • Proactively teach virtues and values to support student character development.
  • Develop students’ critical thinking, writing, and character development through carefully curated activities broken up by topic.


Our School Culture Curriculum seeks to provide students with an opportunity to think critically through reading, writing, and discussion. In our Defining Honesty lesson, students learn important vocabulary that will provide a foundation for the learning they will do about honesty and integrity.



“I really enjoy the thoughtfulness and the intentionality of the program, I never feel like I am teaching or assigning something for the sake of assigning. I always feel that there is a purpose and my scholars and go and apply what they did in class in the real world immediately after they are done.”
Alberto Flores, 5th Grade ELA Teacher, Tulsa Legacy Charter School Upper Academy


“I like the variety of topics relating to character development. It creates a great space for personal growth.”
– Khari Barton, Dean of Students, Excellence Boys Middle Academy


“I like the idea that I have support for handling multiple issues.”
Phylissa Thomas, Principal, Manchester Academic Charter Middle School