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Precise Praise

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Precise Praise

All teachers know there are benefits to positive reinforcement, but intentional, precise feedback can maximize learning and build a stronger relationship between teachers and their students. Although it might seem like the simplest thing in the world, positive reinforcement, when used less deliberately, has the potential to become empty or disingenuous through overuse. Precise Praise enables the benefits of one of the most powerful tools available to teachers in every classroom


Through analysis of effective teachers’ techniques and planning and practice, participants in the session will strengthen skills with:

  • Differentiating acknowledgment from praise
  • Reinforcing actions instead of traits
  • Ensuring praise feels genuine



Our goal is for you to save time that you would otherwise spend creating a PD session from scratch and to dive deep into the small concrete actions that can take your teachers’ skills from good to great. The Plug and Play provides you with:

✓ A fully customizable PowerPoint presentation with embedded videos of teachers anticipating and responding to error

✓ Facilitator notes for what to say and do for each slide

✓ 8 video clips, with detailed analysis of each clip

✓ Carefully designed practice activities

✓ Prioritized success points for coaching teachers on Precise Praise

✓ Participant Handouts for interactive note taking

✓ Next steps to ensure what’s learned in the session carries over into classrooms

Price$ 375

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Questions? Read our FAQs