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Least Invasive Intervention

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Least Invasive Intervention

The best teachers keep instruction center stage and maintain strong relationships with students by correcting nonproductive behavior consistently and with finesse. This session equips teachers with a scaled toolkit of Least Invasive Interventions designed to address a variety of behaviors that threaten to derail a lesson.


Participants will study key principles of these techniques that lead to success, including: the importance of communicating solutions to students when correcting, maintaining emotional constancy in the course of delivering corrections, maximizing students’ privacy, and keeping the thread of instruction intact.    


Through analysis of master teachers’ techniques and practice, participants in the session will develop understanding and strengthen skills with:

  • Delivering consistent and effective Nonverbal Interventions
  • Effectively delivering verbal corrections, both Public Group Corrections and Anonymous Individual Corrections, for when teachers have to correct publicly
  • Using Whisper Corrections to maintains as much student privacy as possible



Our goal is for you to save time that you would otherwise spend creating a PD session from scratch and dive deep into the small concrete actions that advance your teachers’ skills from good to great. The Plug and Play provides you with:

✓ A fully customizable PowerPoint presentation with embedded videos of Least Invasive Interventions in action
✓ Facilitator notes for what to say and do for each slide
✓ Detailed analysis of 9 video clips
✓ Carefully designed practice activities
✓ Participant Handouts for interactive note taking
✓ Next steps to ensure what’s learned in the session carries over to classrooms

Price$ 375

Purchase Plug and Play
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Questions? Read our FAQs

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