Support for Remote Teaching


Education, like the rest of society, is in the midst of an unprecedented experience. In the course of a few days, schools were forced to pivot to remote learning options for students with little to no time for preparation. At TLAC, we study great teaching (wherever it happens!) and hope to help you study and strengthen the implementation of your remote learning plan.


We can support you and your team with:


Strengthening Online Instruction--This package of support consists of:

a. A 60-minute initial Zoom call to understand your current strengths, needs, and opportunities

b. A 90-minute interactive learning sessions for you and your staff to establish key concepts and common vocabulary unique to remote learning. Includes study of exemplar video examples

c. Two 60-minute video review meetings with members of our team. Your team will submit 5 videos and we’ll pull out bright spots worthy of replication

d. A 60-minute closing meeting to plan next steps

e. Duration: Given the continually changing conditions right now, we’ve set this support to last 4-5 weeks. After that period, we can decide together whether to continue similar support, pivot to preparing for a new school year, or conclude the collaboration.


Strengthening Online Instruction Intensive--This package consists of all of the above support plus:

a. Four 45-minute co-planning sessions--synchronous or asynchronous lessons with individual teachers and/or co-planning with coaches to provide feedback to teachers—to be determined based on school need.

b. Two sessions of data review: both stack audit of submitted student work and submitted lessons and also other key metrics: What’s the completion rate of assignments? What’s your attendance rate? We will then use this data to develop an action plan together. Exact data to be determined together.

c. Duration: For this more in-depth support, we’ve set the duration to last 5-6 weeks while still accommodating the current climate of uncertainty.


TLAC Online: Our online modules enable your teachers to learn and practice TLAC techniques on their own. This option may be ideal for schools currently not engaging in distance learning that want to provide their teachers an opportunity for Professional Development. It may also be an option for on-boarding new teachers in the late spring and summer, given the uncertainty about when in-person PD will resume. For bulk purchases, we include a free 30-minute set up session. Visit here for details:


Additional Support We’ll Begin Offering in May:


Emerging Leader Development: Our emerging leader cohort is designed to develop the instructional leadership capacity of emerging leaders within your program. Via remote sessions, schools can invest in creating a deep bench of talented instructional leaders to coach and develop core TLAC techniques in their school teams.


Summer PD Preparation: A series of webinars, adapted from our in-person Train-the-Trainer workshops during which we will present core techniques and model practice activities. The purpose of this training is to equip participants to lead Teach Like a Champion training back on their own campuses when in-person PD resumes.


Interested? Questions? Ready for next steps?

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