Teach Like a Champion 2.0

Ever since the emergence of Teach Like a Champion, teachers across the globe have practiced, refined, and adapted Doug Lemov’s simple, yet powerful teaching techniques to improve their teaching practice and help their students become college and career ready. Teach Like a Champion 2.0, inspired by these champion teachers, is much more than a new edition. The techniques are still practical, engaging, and easy to implement, but include more concrete guidance, thoughts on rigor, and useful tools. The revised book includes sixty-two techniques  and seventy-five new video clips of real teachers modeling the techniques in the classroom.

Techniques include:

TECHNIQUE 8: CULTURE OF ERROR. Work to normalize error. Create an environment where it's safe to be wrong, so that you can spend less time hunting for errors and more time fixing them.
TECHNIQUE 39: SHOW CALL. Create a strong incentive to complete all writing with quality and thoughtfulness, and build accountability for written work by periodically showcasing and working through student work.
TECHNIQUE 56: STRONG VOICE. Affirm your authority through intentional verbal and nonverbal habits, especially at moments when you need control.

Exclusive Sneak Peeks

BUILD A CULTURE OF ERROR: This free mini-ebook provides the classroom techniques needed to help teachers and administrative professionals learn how to create a culture in which students can truly thrive.
BE SEEN LOOKING: The first step to preventing non-productive behavior is to consistently see it when it happens. The TLaC team has given humorous names to various unspoken pantomimes teachers do to ensure their students see them looking.
See It In Action: Hear from your peers at Houston Independent School District about their pilot school-wide training at seven middle schools.
Transition Guide: Switching to the new version of Teach Like a Champion is simple with our easy to use guide. This online resources includes details about the new structure, a snapshot of techniques, and other helpful resources.
Design Successful Lesson Materials:While some teachers write lessons that focus on what they will be doing, the most effective teachers Double Plan, or plan for what they and their students will do each step of the way.
Start Each Class Off Right: Champion teachers are strategic about how they manage their first interactions with each student using the Threshold technique.

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Doug Lemov

is a managing director of Uncommon Schools and leads its Teach Like a Champion team, designing and implementing teacher training based on the study of high-performing teachers.